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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Robin Williams' family uses mediation to resolve estate dispute

If you learn that there is a dispute brewing over an estate, do you assume that it's about money? Many estate disputes are actually about personal items because of the sentimental value of those items. This kind of conflict can be even more intense and upsetting than those caused by money.

A dispute has broken out over personal and household items in the estate of the late Robin Williams. His children and his widow disagree about who should have specific items such as Mr. Williams' watches. Though it's always sad when a family argues about estate matters, I am glad that the family has chosen to go to mediation. The mediation process involves all parties sitting down together with a mediator to talk and attempt to resolve their differences without having to resort to a lawsuit. I wish more families would choose to use mediation in estate matters, as it is faster and cheaper than a court fight, and preserves the family relationships.

To learn more about the Williams estate and why the family is using mediation, click here to read a story from

The attached photo of Robin Williams accompanied the article in and is credited to Reed Saxon/AP.

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