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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Executor and Trustee Compensation

Toronto lawyer Ian Hull, who blogs at, has recently posted about executor compensation in Ontario. The article is really helpful to executors and beneficiaries alike who are wondering how to calculate an executor's compensation. Click here to read Mr. Hull's article. Note: the laws quoted in this article apply only to Ontario.

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  1. Help, my 2 brothers and father have an piece of investment property in Ontario. My father left his 1/3 share to myself and 2 sisters. My brothers are putting in a subdivision on this land which they started 2 years before my father died. Now they are needing my signature on a $250,000 loan to pay the development costs. All my siblings are in agreement with the loan as it's for the subdivision which increase the value of the land.Can I sign as executrix of my parent's estate?


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