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Monday, August 20, 2012

Prepare Your Business for the Unexpected

When I talk to business owners about their plans for one day leaving their business, I often hear them say that they are so busy running their business that they simply don't have time to plan to leave it. While I understand that it takes an enormous amount of time and dedication to making a business a success, I urge business owners to realize that planning for one day being out of the picture should be part of running that business.

After all, we don't always get to choose when and how we leave our careers or businesses. We could pass away unexpectedly, or become ill or disabled. Or, on a brighter note, a really great opportunity to sell at a fabulous price could come along at any time. But you have to be ready no matter what comes down the pipe if you want your business to carry on properly if you're no longer there.

Drew Hasselback of the Financial Post has a really good article on this topic today, with great advice. Click here to read the article.

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