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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top ten posts about Wills and Probate

I've prepared a list of the top ten posts on my blog (in terms of number of people reading them) and brought them all togther here in a list. There are a couple of really frequent questions covered in this list. Enjoy!

Click on the title to go to the article:

1. What do people in a second marriage have to consider when making a Will?

2. The avoiding probate at all costs issue.

3. Chart of probate fees across Canada.

4. Who can witness a Will?

5. Can I leave my child out of my Will?

6. Can I appoint my lawyer as my executor?

7. Can my executor also be a beneficiary?

8. Can a blind person sign a Will?

9. Do I have to leave anything to an illegitimate child I haven't seen in years?

10. If I die without a Will, my wife gets everything. Doesn't she?

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