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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scholarship fund will help keep fiancee's memory alive

This article and video from CBC News tell the story of Mark Wade and Swe Yen Lam, who met while in nursing school and got engaged. While they were on vacation to attend a friend's wedding, Swe Yen was killed by a drunk driver. Mark describes how he and their friends, with the help of Memorial University, have set up a scholarship to honour Swe Yen's memory and embody her traits. Click here to see it.

I thought this story would be inspiring to those of you who are thinking about ways to memorialize your own loved ones who have passed away. In this case, there wasn't an estate left behind to set up the scholarship; Mark and his friends are raising the funds.

The attached photo of Mark Wade, Swe Yen Lam (centre) and an unidentified friend accompanied the article on and is credited to Mark Wade.

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