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Friday, July 5, 2013

Guilty of forging will, dead Hong Kong billionaire's lover gets 12 years

Here's a story about a guy who apparently got what he deserved, which was 12 years in prison for forging a will in the hopes that he would receive an estate worth $11 billion. Peter Chan was a feng shui master hired by Nina Wang in 1992 to help find her missing husband. He was not content with the $407 million dollars Mrs. Wang gave him during her lifetime and made a grab for her entire estate. Click here to read the whole story from CTV News.

Even before Chan stupidly forged the will, it seems to me that he was taking advantage of an older, wealthy person who was too trusting. She paid him millions but it doesn't seem that he ever found the missing husband. Mrs. Wang's estate was left to a charity, so it seems that she didn't have close family around. No doubt Chan thought that there was nobody close enough to Mrs. Wang to question a new will leaving everything to him.

I'm glad he's no longer free, and cannot treat other seniors this way.

The attached photo accompanied the article linked above, and is credited to AP/Kin Cheung.


  1. Greed has no limits i guess. Was looking online for business law services when i stumbled upon this. Glad that he got what he deserved.

  2. I would like to know what happens to an estate in Alberta Canada if the sole beneficiary is found to have forged a hand written and unwitnessed Will, because they assumed there was not a notarized copy in existence? (Even though a legal copy was brought to the attention of the executor and the lawyers who handled her real estate.) -Which the executor chose to ignore solely on the basis of how new the handwritten and un witnessed Will was.
    You would THINK that the lawyers would have to divulge that in probate court right? But the laws are so grey because I am not listed in the Will, that NO ONE will tell me whats going on with my sister's Will at all.
    All I could do was send a hard copy letter the lawyers who showed me the hand written Will, telling them the existence of a notarized Legal Will on file at my sisters bank, and that phone number. NOW, all I can do is HOPE they will see to it that the right thing is done.
    The executors should have to comply with TRANSPARENCY some how. At least if there is only ONE beneficiary.


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