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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Using wills, probate, and death records to build your family tree.

Hey everyone, my latest book is out! Check it out if you are into genealogy or know someone who loves tracing their family tree. This one is unlike any other resource I've seen. It's all about using wills, probate records, and an amazing range of death records to fill out a robust picture of your ancestors. I've included everything from lists of passengers killed in shipwrecks to Holocaust records to prison executions and pretty much everything else you could imagine. It's all about using the circumstances of death to learn about the person's life.

The first half of the book focuses on Canadian records: where to find them, how to interpret them, what you can glean from them. While this obviously works for anyone in Canada researching their roots, it also works for people from any country whose ancestors at one time lived in Canada. 

The second half branches out to 30 other countries so that we can trace back to ancestors who immigrated to Canada. 

Best of all, there are hundreds of direct links, and each of them is clickable using the download included with the printed book. There are even a set of forms you can use to record, organize and preserve your research.

It's brand-new and is still on its way to shops, but here are some places you can see it:

Self-Counsel Press


McNally Robinson

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