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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A seminar about how to be an executor.

I've been asked a number of times to give a seminar about how to be an executor, and I'm seriously considering doing that. It's hard to find reliable local information, as many, many clients and readers have told me over the years. I have presented this kind of seminar, pre-Covid, in my office in small groups, but given the current conditions, a future seminar would have to be online. 

At this point, I'm testing the waters to see whether a seminar like this would be of interest to readers of this blog. I'm thinking of a seminar for non-lawyers that would be useful for anyone who is currently an executor or who is appointed in a will to be an executor in the future. It would be an hour long. The focus would be on issues such as whether the will needs to be probated, which assets go on the inventory, whether someone can renounce, what to do with joint assets, how to do an accounting, and how to get a release. Practical things. These are early days so the agenda will change depending on the feedback I get.

Currently, when we hold this seminar in-office, we provide attendees with quite a bit of written material, such as a checklist of duties, record-keeping forms, a release form, and a copy of the power point. I would anticipate providing all of those materials in electronic form to attendees.

I'm exploring various seminar platforms to see if I can find one that will allow for attendees to ask questions during the seminar. 

Because it's online, I will make sure that the content is relevant to attendees from all provinces. 

Given the materials and the time commitment, I would charge $100 for the seminar. 

What do you think? Would this interest you? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know of suggestions for specific issues within the general "Executor How-To" topic. What would you want to chat about to make acting as an executor a bit easier? I'm here to listen, and to design a seminar that would be truly helpful to first-time executors.


  1. Lynne,

    I think it's a great idea. Executors have to be involved, know and understand what the process is all about. Not being involved could be a big and costly mistake. The stress can be enormous. The time spent is also a factor. As you are well aware I have been struggling for 15 years to resolve and settle a rather simple Estate. I have gained a lot from your blog, including one of your many publications. You have been more than generous with your online responses. Executors have to be pro-active and not leave it up to others to do all the work. After 15 years I have a fairly good idea of what is going on with my estate matter. It is now before the LSUC. I never thought I would ever be in this position.
    Lynne, If you do go ahead with the Seminar, I will have a $100 cheque in the mail.


  2. There are lots of various material on-line pertaining to being an executor. Of most concerning to me is the necessary legalities involved. I checklist would be a better idea with a note that each person should print/keep that info and speak with their spouses/beneficiaries and, if necessary, and own lawyers for any clarification. ALSO Please change my email address to Thanks.

    Stewart Shinewald


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