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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Yes, you need a will. Here's an example of why.

I recently read this article on one of the many legal blogs I love to read. It's entitled "Do I Need a Will?", a question that we lawyers hear constantly. Check out the article by Ontario lawyer David Wagner of the firm Wagner Sidlofsky by clicking here. I particularly like this article because of the example it gave for how, without a will, your estate could be distributed in a way that you simply would not want. In this case, the applicants to the court were the children of a common-law partner the deceased had split up with 30 years ago. How's that for an unexpected turn of events?

Though this article specifically mentions Ontario law, the same principles apply across the country. If you don't want a strange outcome, a fight, delays, or for your hard-earned money to be eaten up by legal fees while everything gets straightened out, then see an experienced will-planning lawyer and get it done.

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