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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Our official canine office greeters

We don't see very many clients in person these days compared to pre-Covid days. So I thought I'd send along a little taste of what it's like to come to our office in person. The first thing that happens is that the official greeters come charging to the door to bring you in. On the left is Roxy, a teacup Pomeranian who at 3 1/2 pounds is in charge of the office. On the right is Daisy. She is a German Shepherd pup, only 8 months old but growing by leaps and bounds. They make a huge racket when someone comes to the door but only because they think everyone comes here to play with them (and to be honest, lots of our clients do play with them). We LOVE having these furballs in the office and it seems that our clients like to see them, too.

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