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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Our court is accepting probate and administration applications again!

Things have been challenging, to say the least, since the courts closed several weeks ago. I am truly relieved and pleased that our Supreme Court here in Newfoundland and Labrador has found a way to start accepting probate and administration applications again starting on Monday the 4th. To talk about the logistics of that, and about other challenges and issues facing wills and estate lawyers, the Canadian Bar Association NL is holding an informal virtual meeting tomorrow (May 1st) at 12:30 NL time. I'll be co-hosting it with the Wills Subsection chair, Melissa Saunders. Any CBA members who want to join in, share your work-arounds or simply listen to what other lawyers have come up with to deal with certain situations, contact the CBA NL branch.


  1. Lynne,
    That is good to hear. I wonder what is happening in Ontario? What about the LSUC? I would think that the LSUC agents who receive complaints can still do a lot of investigating as a lot of this is done via phone, internet etc. The LSUC gets thousands of complaints every year. A small number of them get to the Tribunal stage. I wonder when that will resume? Chances are there will be a backlog of cases.


    1. Yes, I expect there will be a backlog of cases everywhere. I know that our local Law Society is still operating, and as far as I can tell, at almost full capacity. They are actually really really busy right now liaising between lawyers and the judiciary in terms of letting us know what is open, what is closed, what the courts are doing, etc. I don't expect that tribunals will resume any time soon.

      I wonder though, now that you've raised it, if these pandemic conditions will increase the number of complaints. Lawyers are restricted in what they can do, and in many cases, what they are willing to do.



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