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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Release forms and instructions for all provinces

Since I get so many requests on this blog for Release forms, I've decided to make them available. I'm preparing kits that contain a blank template Release form, a completed sample, information about how and when to use a Release, and VERY detailed instructions on how to complete the form. There will be a separate kit for each province, since they are all very different. I am speaking about the Release that a beneficiary signs to approve of the actions of the executor upon the winding up of an estate.

I can't provide legal advice to everyone who purchases the kit, since without the details of the estate I can't recommend what is right and what is not. Without legal advice, you're using the form at your own risk. However, for those of you who have administered estates on your own, this is for  you.

So far the only ones ready for purchase are Alberta and Newfoundland/Labrador, the two provinces in which I am licensed. All of the other kits are well under way and will be made available as soon as I can find enough hours in the day to complete them! Right now you can purchase a kit by calling our office at 709-221-5511 to pay by e-transfer or credit card. Kits are $50 each and you can make as many Releases as you need from one kit.

In the near future, all provinces and territories will be available and you'll be able to buy them online. In the meantime, if you want to hear more about Releases, here is our YouTube video about them.

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