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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

More episodes of our radio show and YouTube videos now available online

I regularly hear from people who say how much they liked our radio show, which we no longer host even though it was great fun. The feedback we received from listeners most often is that we covered topics that they felt were realistic and applied to them, and that we talked about those topics in a way that was easy to understand.

If you're a fan of the show, you'll be glad to know that we now have further episodes of it uploaded to our web page. Anyone can listen to the episodes completely free of charge. Click here to take you to the resources page of our web page, then scroll down until you see the radio show listings. Listen to as many as you like.

The episodes on the site as of today are:

1. All about probate
2. The building blocks of estate planning
3. Using a trust company
4. Joint property
5. Myths and misconceptions about estates
6. Executors' duties

We'll continue to add more as time permits.

You may also notice, while you're there, that we have uploaded a few more of our podcasts as well. Those are also available to listen to for free. They are shorter in length than the radio show episodes so they don't go into their topics in as much detail.

We've also added a couple more videos to our YouTube channel, so check those out by clicking here. As of today, there are 9 videos available.

As always, feel free to suggest topics for podcasts and videos!

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