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Friday, September 13, 2019

This could be the all-time most ignored piece of personal-finance advice

Thanks to one of my regular readers for pointing out this article to me. It was written by Rob Carrick in the Globe and Mail and discusses the increased need for a will in this age of digital assets. I know, I know, you think you don't have digital assets. That's what people tell me on a regular basis. But you do. If you have an email account, a Facebook or Instagram page, an air miles or any other points card, or you do any banking online (among many other things), you have digital assets. If you have a computer, an iPad, or a cell phone, you have devices that use digital assets.

Think about this. If your executor went into your home this afternoon with you having no chance to prepare anything for them, would they be able to find all of your accounts, policies, and plans? Is there a paper trail to everything you own? How much value would your beneficiaries lose simply because nobody knows where to find your stuff?

I recommend reading this article by clicking here.

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