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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Top ten Christmas gifts for lawyers - 2021edition

For the last couple of years, I've been too busy to produce my annual list of Christmas gifts for lawyers. Sorry about that; I know it absolutely ruined the season for many of you. Anyway, this year I'm on top of things so here we go with this year's list of great stuff the lawyer in your life will be sure to love.

10. Lawyer-themed Christmas cards

Although this is a list of gifts for lawyers, this one would be perfect if sent by a lawyer, too. Any lawyer, judge, or law student with a sense of humour should consider sending one of these instead of the standard shot of a cutesy snowman. This is from a line of greeting cards called Exhibit A Cards, and they are all about lawyers! From bar calls to appointment to the bench, this set has well wishes for them all,  Get it here.

9. Reasonably prudent person tote bag

In law, we talk a lot about reasonably prudent people and how they'd deal with various situations. They just seem to be in the middle of everything. But who is a reasonably prudent person? Supposedly they are all around us, but nobody actually knows who they are. Would you recognize one if you saw them walking down the street? You would if they were carrying one of these totes! Get it here

8. The Law Suit clothes hanger

Most lawyers I know have some part of the official lawyer wardrobe hanging in the office. For some of us, the robes, vest, and tabs live semi-permanently on a hook behind the office door. For those of us who like to dress casually at work, there is a jacket and dress shirt hanging up to be grabbed up quickly in the event of emergency court appearances. So if you must have outfits hanging about, why not show them off with a play on words thrown in for good measure?

7. 21st Century Lawyers Manifesto limited edition print

This poster summarizes the mandate and approach of the modern lawyer, covering everything from use of technology to ethical practice in concise but inspiring bullet points. Personally, I love it because it starts off with "we embrace our weirdness". Speaks to me somehow.

6.  "You've Been Served" engraved dish with lid

When your friends invite you to a potluck supper and you want to show off your sense of humour, this should be your bakeware of choice. Beneath your tuna casserole or shepherd's pie sits a dishwasher-safe casserole dish engraved with the words "you've been served". If you like, you can even have it engraved with your name so everyone will know who brought the annoying dish that never lets anyone forget they're a lawyer.

5. Legally Blonde pencil set

So, there was this movie called "Legally Blonde" in which a seemingly dimwitted woman followed  her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School, gaining admission by way of a video of her wearing a bikini. Hilarity ensues. Adventures, moral lessons, blah blah blah, and she turns out to be a wonderful lawyer as long as the lawsuit is about getting a perm. It's a total spoof of lawyers and law school and some people love the movie. If the lawyer in your life is one of them, why not give them this set of adorable pink pencils engraved with catchphrases from the movie? Nobody uses pencils anymore, but they're pretty.

4. Legal Advice Dice
Some days, lawyering is hard. If a mental vacation is in order, use these dice to shorten the time it takes to prepare your legal opinion.  They work equally well with all areas of law.

3. "Because People are Idiots" mug

No matter how much you inform, coach, or warn some people, they just do what they are going to do and let the chips fall where they may. Then they become unwilling clients who hate that they got busted and hate having to pay a lawyer to shake the dirt off them. Use this mug to sip your coffee (or whiskey, I won't judge) as you listen to their latest misadventures.

2. Timekeeping watch

Just in case you are in danger of forgetting for even one moment that time is precious - and billable - here is the watch for you. It's got a cute little scales of justice and a miniature gavel, but most importantly it will tell you how much of your otherwise billable hour you've just spent on reading this blog post.

1. Caution sign

I don't actually know under what circumstances you would use this sign. But whatever it is, it only seems fair to warn people.

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