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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Disney theme parks have a serious problem with cremains-scattering

The nicest scattering of remains I ever attended was that of one of my uncles who passed away about 15 years ago. About 30 of us went out in a boat in Conception Bay (Newfoundland) and placed his ashes in the ocean. We sipped drinks and watched a few whales breach close by and we all sang traditional Newfoundland songs as we sailed  home. 

Lots of people express wishes for the scattering of their cremated remains ("cremains"). Cremation has long since overtaken burial as the preferred method of disposal of a body and people like the idea of their ashes being returned to a place that is special to them. About once a week I receive instructions for ashes to be put into the ocean or tossed off Signal Hill here in St. John's. It's a very personal decision.

But it's not always nature that is special to someone. Apparently the Disney theme parks are favourite places for many. In fact, it happens so often that the parks even have a clean-up code for it ("HEPA clean-up"). Click here to read an article about this activity as the Disney parks.

I'm pretty sure a place so crowded and commercialized would not be my favourite spot - either before death or after it - but to each his own. Give me the ocean and the orcas any day.

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