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Friday, May 25, 2018

Here are some useful kits and guides for DIY executors and planners

Because I've been blogging here for a few years now, I tend to hear many of your questions several times. Your situations are all individual and unique, but the issues and concerns are common to everyone. I usually try to answer all questions as they come in but I do get pretty far behind sometimes!

I thought it would be useful to direct you readers to some of the materials that I have prepared (written and electronic) that you can find at my office. These have been prepared to address specific tasks or steps that executors are trying to take, often without the assistance of a lawyer. They are inexpensive but they are detailed, accurate, and up to date.

Click on some of the links below to see and/or purchase any of the materials that you think would be of help. They are all shipped from my office. Anything called a "kit" contains the forms you need to carry out the step, while anything called a "guide" contains information but not forms.

Guide to executor's duties and responsibilities

Get Started kit - record keeping for executors

Get Started kit - preparing an executor's accounting

Get Started kit - estate planning

Guide to calculating executor's compensation

Get Started kit - For My Family With Love (a place to record everything - assets, passwords, where to find things, contacts, personal messages, and more)

Get Started kit - mediation

We also have useful things such as kits for applying for probate without a lawyer, and applying for Letters of Administration. These are just for my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador at the moment, and of course there is the Alberta Probate Kit, but if demand increases I may yet end up making kits for other provinces as well.

If you have suggestions for kits or guides that you'd find helpful, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Lynne! Not sure this question belongs here at all but I was googling and found this site so decided to give it a go..

    I'm currently living with my boyfriend in an apartment his mother owns, so we pay rent to her. My boyfriend is set on inheriting the apartment at some point. Not sure at all if it's in 5, 10 or 20 years but because my boyfriend will inherit it at some point I feel like I'm throwing away my money as supposed to him. He is not interested in buying another property so I'm feeling stressed out about my pension really. I am not able to invest in something myself. How should I be thinking here? Thankful you for any advice!


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