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Monday, April 30, 2018

Life changes. So should your will, say estate experts

I was recently interviewed for an article that appeared in the Toronto Star. It's all about updating your will to keep up with changes in your life.  Click here to read the article.

Estate planning is all about making sure your paperwork looks after your family once you're gone. Be sure to stay current!


  1. hello-as i understand the federal and provincial govt of ontario has agreed to pay a one time lump sum of $2500.00 to a deceased person's estate to cover funeral costs.Even if the deceased has not contributed enough cpp over the years.That is the conclusion they came to instead of increasing the amount yearly to us Canadians who have.In a recent article :

    I am the executor of the deceased estate and they refused my application for the death benefit .The deceased was short two yrs (10yr they say) but was on disability right after the 8 years.Is there any contact info you may have to confirm the deceased is allowed this benefit to his estate..Thank you !!

    1. No, sorry I don't have anything to help you with that. I assume you've examined the CRA website.



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