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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wills Week is approaching: speakers are invited to participate

We're in the process of setting up our third annual Wills Week event. It just gets bigger and better every year. This year we are doing something completely new - a Wills and Estates Trade Show! The event takes place on Saturday, October 7 from noon to 5 pm at the Capital Hotel in St. John's.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the need for advance planning and to encourage members of the public to get their wills and other planning done properly.

We are compiling a roster of speakers to give 20 to 30-minute talks to the public about various topics relating to wills, probate, estate administration, estate planning, charitable giving, and anything else related. We have three confirmed and a few in the discussion stage, but have space for at least two more. If any readers are interested in speaking, let us know by emailing Chelsea Kennedy at

Each of the speakers will also get to host a booth. We are limiting the number of booths to 10 and are giving exclusivity to the first person or group in each industry. For example, the first funeral company that is confirmed will be the only funeral company at the event. We have a couple of booths left and welcome lawyers, accountants, appraisers, realtors, funeral homes, etc to get in touch if they'd like to join us. Email Chelsea at the address above to find out about the cost. Non-profit groups may participate at no cost.

At the booth, the hosts can meet members of the public, talk about their services, offer discounts, give out materials, or simply make people aware of them. It's a great way for people in the industry to meet individuals and families who are interested in finding out more about their services.

We have two types of  packages available, one of which includes a guest spot on The Law Show.

The public will be invited to attend the event for free. We have already begun our promotion of the event by talking about it weekly on our radio show, placing posters, talking about it in our monthly newsletter, and telling all of our clients about it. We'll continue to use those methods as well as social media to help ensure a great turnout.

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