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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Top 10 fun Christmas gifts for lawyers - 2016 edition

Christmas wouldn't be complete without my annual list of fun gifts for your favourite lawyer. I've always aimed this list at my fellow wills and estates lawyers but this year I've decided to widen the net. This year's list contains goodies for all your lawyer buddies, no matter what kind of law they practice. Get the credit cards out, and enjoy!

10. Jurisprudence cupcakes

Let's start off with something sweet. Who wouldn't want to find these adorable little cupcakes in their Christmas stocking, to make them wish they weren't at home opening presents but back at the office.

9. Google Search mug

Even if you've never actually said this to anyone, don't deny that you haven't secretly wanted to.

8. What Every Lawyer Thinks About Besides Sex book

If you're a lawyer, maybe this would be a great book to give to the non-lawyer in your life to help them understand you better.  It gives wonderful insight into the minds of legal types. The kicker? The book is completely blank. 

7. Just Time for a Sentence pack of postcards

If you're vacationing down south this holiday season, maybe send one of these back to the poor sods who ended up working over the Christmas break. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

6. Lawyer rubber duck

You need this because it's a duck wearing legal robes. And a wig.
5. Courtroom Quotes set of prints
Get them here

Are these prints, or giant flash cards?

4. Mug Shots set of 6 shot glasses

For the criminal law  lawyer in your life, this set of shot glasses features a gallery of notorious baddies such as Al Capone. Hopefully drinking from this motley crew will make their own clients seem a bit less...bad...

3. "You Have Been Served" cake or fish knife

Does your office have Cake Day? If so, this cake server will give you a chuckle with each and every slice. And if  you don't have Cake Day, you should start. Right now.

2. "I can please only one client per day" note pad
Get it here

I know, I know, some days you can't please ANY of them, but let's stay positive.

1. Free Legal Advice grenade

Tempting, right?

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