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Monday, May 23, 2016

Still don't have a healthcare directive?

I've come across a really good article by Aviva B. Abraham a Toronto group benefits and insurance advisor. It covers in some detail what you need to include in a healthcare directive, and why you should have one. Click here to read it.

In my practice, I find a significant number of individuals come to see me to get wills made, but they haven't really decided whether or not to have a healthcare directive as well. Sometimes they don't know much about them. In other cases, they've heard of them but just don't want to think about the subject matter, such as being helpless in a hospital. Once I discuss with them what the document is all about - and what can happen if they don't have one - they usually want to have one made for them.

Check out this article for information about how a healthcare directive (which in this article is called a Power of Attorney for Healthcare) could work for you.

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