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Friday, February 26, 2016

Probate registries search links added to our list of Interesting Links

Those of you who have checked out our tab containing Interesting Links (which so far is more than 10,400 of you) may  have noticed that I've begun adding links that will allow you to search the various provincial and territorial probate registries. I'm doing this because so many of you ask how you can find out whether a will has been probated, or how you can see a copy of someone's will. Once a will has been through the probate process, it becomes a public record document and is searchable. I haven't got all of the links up yet but will complete this project no later than this weekend. Click on "Interesting Links" at the top of this blog to see what other great links you can explore.


  1. Tip on probate registries search. Great tip. Thanks.

  2. I got the new Queens printer forms are they legal doc's as no room for stuff,can you cut and paste these or is it illegal,as all these probate doc additional are required, DO you have to do amendments.I see on most examples setups are diff, or do you have to make an amendment?? I need to make sure I didnt do anything wrong, before I go this week to court house.

    1. You can cut and paste, but as you say, they don't really leave room for you to fill things in. You might end up re-typing parts of them. It's ok to make minor amendments, such as adding extra lines for extra information. However, try to follow the set-up as closely as you can. Don't change the wording of the stuff at the top of the document that identifies the court. I hope this helps, but if you have a specific question about a certain form, please let me know.



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