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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Beneficiaries can't agree on who'll live in bequeathed castle, so it rots away uninhabited

What does the fabulous Chateau de la Foret (pictured here) have to do with wills and estates, you ask? It's an example of why you don't leave one property to several owners in your will. According to British newspapers, this Belgian chateau has been left abandoned now for more than 20 years. When Count d'Ursel Aymard died, he left the chateau to his descendants. Since they cannot agree on who gets to live there, the whole place just sits while the building crumbles and the contents fall to mildew and decay. What a shameful waste.

Unfortunately, this kind of dispute doesn't just happen with castles. It happens often when a parent leaves one property to several children.

To see an article from with tons of pictures of the chateau, click here.

The attached photo is part of the article cited here, and is credited to,uk.

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