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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to leave an inheritance to someone on ODSP

Regular readers of this blog know that I especially love finding articles by knowledgeable people that are readable and straightforward, because I can share them with you and know that you're getting some valuable information. I have found one such article - click here to read it - from Ottawa lawyer Donna Neff.

In this article, Ms. Neff gives some practical information about how to leave an inheritance to someone who is, or in the future likely will be, receiving Ontario provincial benefits due to a disability. The issue there is generally how to leave an inheritance without causing the beneficiary to be cut off from valuable provincial benefits. Obviously you would want to leave an inheritance to better someone's life, not to cause difficulties.

Although this article is specifically about Ontario, all provinces have similar benefits and family members across Canada wonder about leaving inheritances to children and grandchildren with disabilities without messing up their benefits. In all provinces but Alberta, the Henson trust discussed by Ms. Neff is an option to be considered.

I highly recommend this article to anyone who has a disabled beneficiary in his or her life.

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