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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Second Marriages and Risks to the Estate

I'm attaching a link to a really good article about what can happen when a person with children from a first marriage decides to marry again. What I like about the article is that they use the example of a fictional couple and show what could happen in various circumstances. It's an eye-opener. Click on the link below to read this article from lawyers in Ontario.

Second Marriages and Risks to the Estate

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  1. my father married less than 1 year after our mother passed away. every time He changed his beneficiary he was taken back to the office to have it changed again to include her and that of her children. through the course of 17 years it was changed 8 times, she also managed to take money out of his account. an investigation by a forensic auditor was conducted and the last 3 years when he lost his drivers licence we found that she managed to empty out the bank account all properties, homes and business were sold. Monies were transfered to her sons and grandson.


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