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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Baronet's son claims father duped him out of his inheritance

I'm attaching a story from in which a baronet's son claims he was duped out of his inheritance by his own father, when his father sold the castle that had been in the family for almost 400 years. The court did not support his claim.

I've often said that the things that happen to the rich and famous are the same issues that happen with the rest of us. Maybe for us it's a modest bungalow in the city rather than a castle, but the concept of the child thinking he's entitled to whatever the parent has seems to be found everywhere.

Click here to read the story. The reporting/writing is pretty shaky, but the story behind it is great. The attached photos of the baronet's son and the castle in question are from the story linked above, and are credited to Nevile Ayling/Alamy.

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