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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Man writes his own obituary, comes clean about not having Ph.D. and theft

Most of us don't get the chance to write our own obituaries, nor would we especially want to. But Val Patterson of Utah, who recently passed away from throat cancer, did write his own obituary, and left a few surprises for those who knew him. He confessed to not really having a Ph.D., and to stealing a company safe many years ago. Click here to read this unusual story from NBCnews.

The attached photo of "Dr." Val Patterson and his wife Mary Jane is from KSL/Desert News.

By the way, this story has inspired my latest poll, found on the right hand side of this blog. Vote on whether or not you'd confess a secret to the world after your death.


  1. We are so sad to hear that Val Patterson has already passed away. We will wish for Val Patterson happy journey in the afterlife. A memorial page should be made just for Val Patterson on. free memorial pages


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