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Thursday, May 3, 2012

An update on my travels

For those of you who don't already know this, I've spent the last couple of weeks relocating from Alberta to Newfoundland. For some crazy reason I decided I'd drive the 6,600 kms between provinces. I had only a few problems, including GPS that insisted I was in North Battleford no matter where I was, a persistent "check engine light" in Ontario, getting lost in Montreal during rush hour, and being stuck on the Nova Scotia to Newfoundland ferry for a couple of days due to rough weather. However, I've made it all the way here and have managed to find my new office. I'm still living in a hotel and doing all of my communicating from my smartphone. Blog posts have been few and far between but I should have full computer access as of tomorrow and will get back at it. I have answered several email questions during this time, and promise to catch up with questions ASAP!


  1. Don't forget to save those receipts so you can claim moving expenses on your 2012 return! :)

    1. It sounds as if we have an accountant in the audience :)

  2. This is the most informative and useful blog for people who are overwhelmed and frustrated by estate matters. Thank you very much.
    Recently a Judge's order was made to complete Probate, after 1 1/2 years of legal cases. The Bank released the funds, then, because a hopeless Appeal was launched, grabbed the funds back and refuses to release them. Does this not appear to be Contempt of Court, non-compliance with the Judge's Order? The Judge, after all, did not say "complete Probate only if there is no Appeal". Comments would be appreciated.


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