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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What happens to my Air Miles when I pass away?

Have you ever wondered whether you can give your loyalty points such as Air Miles or Aeroplan Miles to a beneficiary when you pass away? If you're a serious collector or you travel a lot, your points might be worth a lot of money, and could be a valuable gift to someone else. Here's what some of the major plans allow a collector to do with the points when the collector passes away:

  • Air Miles will allow you to give your points to a family member or a member of your household. You have to have prior consent of the Air Miles program.

  • Aeroplan doesn't allow you to transfer your points to anyone unless they consent.

  • Shopper's Drug Mart doesn't allow you to transfer your Optimum points to anyone.

  • HBC Reward Points can be transferred to an individual or a non-profit organization.
Note that the above comments apply only to transferring the points on your death, as all of these plans allow you to transfer points to someone else while you're alive.

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