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Friday, April 2, 2010

Scientific American Mind busts the myth that older people are sadder

In the March issue of Scientific American Mind, there is an outstanding article in which the authors "bust" several popular psychology myths. The entire article is worth reading, but the myth that particularly interested me was that older people are "depressed, cantakerous, lonely, sexually inactive and forgetful". Using studies and other research, the authors give a more accurate, and certainly more optimistic, picture of older adults. For example, did you know that the odds of being happy increase by 5% with every decade of life? You can pick up a copy of the magazine in stores and newsstands, or you can access it here online (you will have to register to read it online).


  1. i am a executor of my mother in laws will. all children are named as benificaries. one child has not talked to her mother in over 30 years and i am not sure if she will even except her inheritance. should i get my lawyer to offer her a waiver form? i do not want to go through everything and then she doesnt except it.. what should i do?

    1. I'm not sure what stage you're at in the proceedings. The application for probate should go through the same whether she will eventually accept her gift or not.

      So, I assume you're at the distribution stage. If you want your lawyer to write her a letter telling her that she's a beneficiary and giving her the option to claim her inheritance or not (and offering a waiver), I don't see anything wrong with that.



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