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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Executor's Job to Look After Parents' House

Today's issue of the Calgary Real Estate News is carrying my article entitled "Executor's Job to Look After Parents' House". It gives some ideas and guidance to an executor who must sell a house from his or her parent's estate, and talks about the responsibilities that have to be taken care of until the sale goes through. If you'd like to read it, click here.

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  1. hi, very interesting this site. i will start by my brother had power of attorney and also executor of my mom's estate. my mom passed in 2007 it took two years for the estste to be settled or so we thought, when we asked for copies of reciepts for claims made we were ignored, we wanted to see that the gov't was 3 yrs later the gov't is saying we are all responsible to pay them back. we are from quebec. this is prov. taxes, which he knew had to be paid. my question to you is are we responsible or is he? we are a family of 8. and what good is a will when the executor does as he feels.


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