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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great time at the Oilers game

What a great time we had on November 18 watching my beloved Edmonton Oilers win 6 - 4 over the Colorado Avalanche. Thanks to lawyers Doug Gorman (The Estate House), Wanda Fawcett (Bishop & McKenzie), Len Dolgoy (Witten LLP), Joyce Burnett (Duncan and Craig) and Audrey Wakeling (Witten LLP), accountant Allan Sawiak (Kingston Ross Pasnak) and SCI executives Bobby Judge and Ken Papirney for joining the Scotia Trust team in the Scotiabank box at Rexall Place.

Doug Gorman appears to be as big a fan of the Oilers as I am! It was a fun group so I'm really glad everyone could join us. Some days I really love my job!

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