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Friday, November 13, 2009

A busy day

I started the day in Calgary today, arriving at Global TV shortly after 6 a.m. Just in case I needed any further proof that I`m not a morning person, this morning was it! I was interviewed by Angela Kokott for the 6:00 news and will post a link if one becomes available. I then went to the McKenzie Pointe branch of Scotiabank in SE Calgary, where I was interviewed and filmed by SE Calgary News. Thanks to the staff there for accommodating us! There will be a link of the film clip available in the next few days and I`ll post that so you can check it out. There will also be a written story to accompany the film clip.

After that I went on to the Sylvan Lake Scotiabank branch and visited a bit with the staff and a couple of really nice clients. More thanks to the very friendly Scotiabankers in Sylvan Lake who took the time to chat with me.

Then I came back to Edmonton to catch up on all of my voice mails and emails and the tons of reading materials that always await me at the office.

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