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Monday, September 7, 2009

My visit to British Columbia

I just arrived home from BC yesterday, after a week spent in Vancouver and Victoria. It was a busy week but I made plenty of time for visiting with family and close friends.

The interview with Global News on August 30 went well. It was a Sunday morning newsmagazine show hosted by Sophie Liu. Sophie gave away three copies of my book to callers. I also got to meet my publicist in person for the first time. Until this visit, we had only done business on the phone and on email. Lovely to meet you Sarah!

I also met some of my fellow Scotiabankers in person for the first time and went to an extremely well-attended, lively open house held by Scotia McLeod advisors in Sidney, BC. I really enjoy that kind of event because it's a chance for me to meet and chat with individual customers who are directly affected by the kind of law I practice and the topics I write about in my books and in this blog. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these open house events, I strongly recommend that you go.

Since I am moving into a new home shortly, I participated in one of my favourite activities - shopping! It was great fun looking through stores for beautiful and useful things for my new place. Both Victoria and Vancouver have wonderful home decorating shops. Now the problem is getting all my new treasures back to Edmonton!


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    1. I would say there are millions of deceased people who would be appalled if they knew how their beneficiaries behaved.



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