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For My Family, With Love is a workbook I developed based on my experience of what it's like for executors to step in and begin the job of looking after an estate. Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I take a practical, down-to-earth approach to estates, and that I'm in favour of tools and materials that  help an executor to get the job done. That's why I developed this book.

Executors have a million details to look after. Wouldn't it be great if all the information about assets, debts, joint property, medical and legal contacts, passwords, loans to family members, spare keys, and all of the rest was to be found in one place? Wouldn't it be marvelous if Mom or Dad wrote down where they keep things?

Having all of that information at hand would relieve hours upon hours of searching and asking questions. It would save an executor untold stress and frustration. This 92-page workbook contains space for all of the information a parent, spouse, or grandparent would like to leave for those who will look after the estate. You could use one of these books for yourself, or give one to a parent or relative for them to use. Or, you could get one for a parent and you could fill it in together.

More than that, this book contains places for Mom or Dad to write personal notes that will be read after they have passed away. The notes could be to the kids, or to anyone else who is important. They could be words of love, encouragement, or guidance.

The book is coil-bound to lie flat for easy use. The sections are organized in a logical way and clearly set out so that the book is simple to follow. There is no legal jargon, just suggestions for what your loved ones will need to know after you're gone.

Here are the sections of the book:
Part 1 – My family
Part 2 – Contacts my family might need
Part 3 – Passwords my family might need
Part 4 – My financial assets
Part 5 – My sources of income
Part 6 – My debts and liabilities
Part 7 – My insurance policies
Part 8 – My wishes for funeral, burial, or cremation
Part 9 – Legal documents that I have in place
Part 10 – Special arrangements
Part 11 – Where to find important things

This workbook will accommodate your information, whether your estate is simple, or whether you own a business and rental homes. It will let you describe your family relationships whether they are simple or complex.

As you can see, this book would also be a wonderfully useful tool for someone acting under a Power of Attorney. It would help ensure that nothing is missed.

What a gift this book would be for your kids, grandkids, or executor. Believe me, they'd bless you for the help!

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Finally, the kit you need to probate formal and handwritten wills or to apply to the court where there is no will. This kit will also help you administer estate assets, report to beneficiaries and apply for a clearance certificate. It includes instructions on executor's record-keeping, and provides forms.
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Reader feedback:
Following my father's recent death, I have purchased your book "Alberta Probate Kit" and have visited your website. I must say that you are providing really great resources for Albertans and Canadians!

Hi Lynne, Just wanted to say a Huge Thank-you for your Alberta Probate Kit..I was trying to take care of my Mom's matter's without a lawyer and the paperwork was overwhelming. Then I found your book and had it done within a week. I received probate w/no mistakes and I am currently wrapping this up...Thanks again - a reader

I would like to thank you for creating the Alberta Probate Kit. Your book has been invaluable in sorting out probate for my dad's estate. (Actually, I suppose 'invaluable' is the wrong word - your book is worth the thousands of dollars in probate fees we would have otherwise paid to a lawyer.) - a reader

I recently purchased the Alberta Probate Kit to help me as executrix of my aunt's estate. In general, I find the book to be extremely helpful. I wouldn't even have been able to consider handling this myself without it. - C.K.

Thanks for a wonderful book [Alberta Probate and Administration Kit] and for your recent reply to my question - P.M.

Great resource by the way [Alberta Probate Kit], thank you for providing it. It is sure making things a lot easier for me. - P.S.

A Canadian best-seller! Do you need to talk to your parents or other family members about sensitive issues but don't know where to start? Are you worried about disputes among family members if topics such as Wills or incapacity of a parent are raised? This book will help you raise the topics, conduct a successful family meeting, and follow up to make your plans legally binding.
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Reader feedback:
You can read a brief section [of Estate Planning Through Family Meetings] each day if you like. I however couldn't put it down: it is thoroughly enjoyable, readable, and immensely valuable. Thank you Lynne for sharing so much and so effectively! - Brian Weatherton, 5-star review on

This book [Estate Planning Through Family Meetings] offers suggestions for discussing their inheritance with your children or other heirs. Doing this, with honest discussions with your children while you are still living, can prevent disputes among the children after your death. It also allows you to make your intentions clear to all involved. It further allows the children to prepare their own wills with appropriate consideration of any potential inheritance. It just makes good sense, and the book is a welcome discussion of how to do this. - Ronald L. Gillum, M.D., 5-star review on

I have read the book [Estate Planning Through Family Meetings] from cover to cover and as a financial planner, think this book is excellent for anyone. - Raymond W. Johns, 5-star review on

I have been a great admirer of your blogs and writings ever since I discovered them last year. I just bought your book on estate planning through family meetings. It is wonderful, after nearly 30 years of trying to educate clients in this area, to read such lucid comments. They should be required reading for everybody. - C.M.

Useful tool for families of wealth who wish to tread the delicate waters of writing a will to satisfy all parties - Lise Andreana on 

Business owners in Canada know they need to plan for the day they retire, sell their business or pass away, but the majority haven't taken any steps towards that goal. This book is packed full of practical ideas, advice and tools for moving forward with business succession planning.
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Reader feedback:
Thanks very much for the book on Succession Planning [for Canadian Business]. An excellent book, and congratulations on making it so user friendly and comprehensive. - G.C.

I'm buying a copy of your book [Estate Planning Kit for Canadian Business] because my Small Business Manager read it and said it was the best business book she has ever read. - Scotiabank Branch Manager

Don't let a stranger make important decisions for your family! More and more of us are faced with caring for elderly parents. Becoming your parent's guardian and/or trustee enables you to make decisions for them when they can no longer make decisions for themselves. *Please note that this book is currently being updated. The new version should be available shortly! Stay tuned for more information.
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