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Thursday, June 17, 2021

How to handle a belligerent beneficiary

I'm always in favour of practical, how-to information and advice for executors and beneficiaries alike. In today's post, I'm linking to an article that was suggested by one of our regular readers (thanks, Webeye!) It's a blog post written by a person who describes their experience of being an executor, so I think many of you will be able to relate to his struggles.

Can beneficiaries get out of control when they don't like what the executor is doing? You bet they can. This can be really tough on an executor who is simply trying to do his job. It's tempting to meet anger and frustration by responding in a similar way.

 Click here to read about how one resourceful executor managed to deal with beneficiaries who challenged and harassed him. The blog is called 

1 comment:

  1. This story sounds so familiar.
    My problems are that my co-executors are the ones who are causing the beneficiaries to be belligerent.
    Two of my co-executors decided to return and waive fees in order in favour of gifts from the beneficiaries so they would not have to pay taxes on the fees seven years ago.
    They deducted these gifts from the beneficiaries shares and added to their own share disbursement amount. They also made errors in calculating how much should be deducted from the beneficiaries amounts and ended up taking money directly from the Estate.
    Seven almost eight years later and this estate is still open because these two beneficiaries found out from our estate lawyer that what they did could be considered as tax evasion.
    Now they have convinced the beneficiaries that the only way they can make sure everyone gets an equal share is to reverse all the gifting amounts for the final distribution. So instead of getting the amounts the Will states their final cheques will have deductions and additions to their share to reverse the gifting.
    I finally had to hire my own lawyer to force the closing of this estate legally. Two months later and they are still insisting of adding and subtracting amounts from the final share distribution to reverse this gifting.
    It is a nightmare.


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