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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Be careful when buying self-help books on legal topics

Today I received a marketing email from someone I don't know, telling me that his new book about preparing wills is now for sale. Of course I went online to check it out. The first thing I noticed is that this author is not a lawyer. So he is offering a workbook and instructions on writing legal documents even though he isn't a lawyer. I wonder if he also writes self-help medical advice.

I also note the book is self-published, so he didn't even have the benefit of a publisher or editor overseeing his work! If he is preparing wills for people, he is guilty of practicing law without a license.

So please, be very careful as a consumer of legal information or products. Don't gamble with important matters like your family's future. Of course you should buy books and materials that save you time and money, but make sure the author is qualified to give the advice he or she is offering. The last thing you need is to rely on someone with insufficient knowledge, just to have your family pay for your mistake after you pass away.

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