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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How old should your executor be?

Something that I talk about a lot on this blog is the choice of executor. It's an absolutely crucial decision. You must have someone who is willing and able to do the job the way you need it to be done. Many of my clients, when having their wills made, indicate to me that they have a good candidate in mind but are not sure whether the person's age makes them a poor choice.

This could be because they want their parents to be their executors but they are concerned that it could be too much for the parents once they reach a certain age. Other clients would like to name their children but wonder whether the children are too young to take on such responsibility.

I've recently read a very good article by Ontario lawyer Susannah Roth that specifically discusses how to deal with the question of your executor's age. She has some good, practical ideas that some of you will no doubt find very useful in your own planning. Click here to read the article.

While age is not the only factor in choosing an executor, it's something that should always be considered.

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