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Friday, November 16, 2018

Saskatoon widow has her husband's tattoos - and the skin they're on - preserved

Sometimes a person's last wishes may seem unusual to the world in general. Here's an example. A man named Chris Wenzel passed away recently in Saskatoon. He requested that his tattoos and the skin holding them were to be preserved. Given that Mr. Wenzel's body art covered him from his neck to his ankles, that's a lot of skin.

His widow has carried out these wishes. Mr. Wenzel's skin was removed by an embalmer and will be preserved. How it is to be displayed or preserved, I couldn't even hazard a guess.

What do you think? Weird, or sensible? Would a photo of the tattoos have served the same purpose? Would you have your tattooed skin preserved? Would you carry out this wish for a loved one?

To read about this story in more detail, click here. The photo shown here of Mr. Wenzel's tattoos was found on and is credited to Cheryl Wenzel.


  1. I picture would work for me but I assume they discussed it. Who is to say what is odd these days. Is keeping the ashes of someone in an urn on your fireplace mantel weird? Some religions leave the body for vultures after death. Some cultures bury the body under the kitchen.
    If you were in South Korea you might want to compress your remains into gem-like beads of different colours.

  2. True. I probably shouldn't be so judgey.



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