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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Doing a trial while I'm sick is no fun

I just wanted to stop and share a "slice of my day" with you all. Right now I'm in the middle of a trial on the issue of ownership of a bank account that is held jointly between a parent and adult child, and on the issue of beneficiary designations on investment accounts. With any luck, we'll finish by the end of the day tomorrow. The law isn't a problem; I know it inside and out. So what is the problem? I HAVE SUCH A BAD COLD THAT I CAN'T BREATHE AND I'VE LOST MY VOICE! When I speak, I sound like a cat tangled up in a tuba falling down the stairs. Seriously, it sucks to be me right now.


  1. Get well soon and let us know how it went! This is a topic of great interest to many people!

  2. First...get well soon.

    Second...when the trial is finished,can you provide info...since it's in the public record? Looks like some similarities with my Estate Matter.

    1. Thanks.

      We did finish the trial but we don't expect our judgment for a while yet. I will definitely let everyone know the result since, as you say, it's right on point for what people come to read about on this blog.



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