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Friday, August 11, 2017

Butler Wills and Estates rated #1 estate planning firm in St. John's

I'm pleased and proud to announce that we've been rated the #1 estate planning law firm in St. John's for the second time! Not bad for a business that has only been open for two years. We opened this office with the goal of providing the best service and information we can at reasonable prices. It feels good to know that we're providing what people want.  Click here to see the three top rated firms.


  1. Congrats. No surprise. You have raised 'the bar'. Wish you had an office in my neck of the woods.

  2. Hi Lynn

    It's been a year now an executor of the estate was appointed last august 2016 and the estate went through a probate, now the estate properties are all sold.

    What's the next step still waiting for my inheritance but something seems to be holding things up.

    1. A year is a pretty reasonable time for executors to wind things up, but every estate is different. At least you know that things have been happening such as the sale of the properties.

      If the executor has gathered in all of the estate assets but still hasn't distributed anything to the beneficiaries, most likely he or she is waiting for the tax clearance certificate. I can see that being pretty important to the executor if there were a few properties to sell, since there will have been capital gains tax to deal with.

      Most executors, but not all, will release part of the estate before the clearance certificate is obtained, but they don't have to.


  3. OF Interest

    A worry for the wealthy: keeping cash from children’s ex-spouses


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