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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Law Show: changing and removing executors - now online for listening

The latest episode (June 22, 2017) of The Law Show is now available online for you to listen. This week we talked about changing your executor when you change your mind.  We also talked quite a bit about how someone other than you - such as a beneficiary - applies to the court after your death to remove your executor. Lots of great info! Click here to go to and scroll down to the episode you want. The newest one today is track 12.


  1. Wills & Estates - BEWARE. ONTARIO Law ?1990? changed and Executors have the right to take 'OWNERSHIP' title to all your properties. You will have to add a clause top of page to stop this!! After a 17 year search just discovered the section etc on how my brother stole all mom's properties & he did it legally! I have filed the first step in an affidavit with Sudbury, Ontario court to change our laws to stop laws that allow for property theft, and rob people of their homes like mom & I did. Today I am homeless, sleeping at my boyfriend and working out of a basement in the house Mom & I were supposed to own.

  2. Trudi,

    I don't know what you expect to gain by posting virtually the same issues in multiple threads within this blog.

    Of course the executor has power of ownership over estate properties otherwise, the executor could not fulfill his/her duty in settling the estate. If ownership control was not provided, the executor could not sell the properties if required, or gain access to the testator's bank accounts. If the executor was not provided control of estate property, who then do you propose should have control?

    From your narratives, it seems your issue is more your brother not adhering to the will instructions and taking in excess to what he was entitled to, assuming you and he are both residual beneficiaries to the estate he is appointed to act for. If your brother did not follow the will's instructions or took more assets than he should have, and if he remains uncooperative to your direct communications, I then suggest retaining an experienced estate lawyer to address those matters on your behalf. Assuming he remains uncooperative, this could end-up in court.

    Good Luck!

  3. Tens of thousands have lost homes in Ontario - since some don't know that they don't care. I am fighting for rights for all Canadians. If it was just about my brother - I'd have moved back to New York & say to hell with Canada!!


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