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Monday, April 24, 2017

Babe Ruth's will is on the auction block

I heard once, not long ago, that celebrity cemetery tourism is a real thing now. Apparently, so is buying the wills of celebrities. I became aware of this when I saw that the original 1933 will of Babe Ruth is to be auctioned off. Click here to see more details about the will and the auction. Last time this will was sold (in 2015), it fetched $100,266.

I suppose that the attraction of a will like this is that it reveals something of the personal life of the celebrity. Personally, I find wills of famous writers to be fascinating, but I thought that was just me getting carried away after 30 years in the wills industry. Apparently a career writing wills is not necessary for celebrity will-gawking!

Certainly there is a full signature that should make an autograph-seeker happy, but the real value must be the fact that the document reflects the wishes and thoughts of Babe Ruth. We like to know that celebrities are people just like ourselves, and a will would certainly do that. Even celebrities die and must pass their estates on to their families.As with all of our wills, this document probably states who was important in Babe Ruth's life. By making a will, he was ensuring that his plans for his loved ones were carried out.

The image used here accompanied the article linked above on It did not attribute the image to a photographer.

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  1. Like Elvis, he probably makes more money now than when he was alive.


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