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Monday, January 23, 2017

Podcast: What to do when an executor is abusing his power

This week's free podcast is now online. It's called "What to do when an executor is abusing his power", and you can listen to it or download it by clicking here and scrolling down to Episode 3. Suggestions for topics are always welcome.


  1. Case Management Conference (CMC) was mentioned in your Pod.
    I, as Executor did take part in CMC. I was deceived by my lawyer and thought we were involved with Partitions Action. Nothing was ever discussed, explained to me by my lawyer or authorized by me. This was done to benefit him. My lawyer did not want to take my case to Trial. He later 'got off the record'. What took place at CMC was a sham. 4 sessions of wasted time and money for the Estate but not for the 2 lawyers. What I found out later, 'what is said at CMC is inadmissible should the case be litigated ie Trial'. CMC may or may not benefit the applicant. A word to the wise, if you have difficult situation 'dispute' you might want to consider getting a 'good' lawyer from a larger city. Smaller city/town lawyers are one friendly bunch ie 'the old boys club'. A 'good' lawyer does not mean the lawyer is honest or has integrity. Has anyone ever heard of an ' old girl's club'? :)

    1. You really have had a terrible time of it, I must say.

      I've had some case managements that were okay, and others that I thought really helped things along. I've never had one that was outright terrible.

      You are right about the old boys' club in some places. It definitely exists. There are some "girls" in the old boys' club, though.



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