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Monday, January 9, 2017

Our first podcast (free to listen, of course) is now online!

Such exciting news! Our very first podcast is on the website and ready to go! We've created a series of podcasts on various topics relating to wills, estates, trusts, and elder law, and we'll be uploading a new one each week. The first one can be heard by clicking here. The topic is giving away personal and household goods. The podcasts are free to listen to as many times as you like.

Check back weekly to see which new topics we've added.

The podcasts are in the format of an interview between our practice coordinator, Chelsea Kennedy, and me. It's a bit like reading a blog post but with much more information and of course you can listen to it anywhere. If you have feedback or questions, or if you'd like to suggest a topic, let me know in the comments below or email Chelsea at


  1. Will we need a Newfanese to English translation ?? :)

    1. Smartypants! My accent isn't really all that strong since I spent so many years working on the mainland. And Chelsea is from Alberta so she doesn't have a NL accent. Besides, with a name like Paddy o'lantern, you probably sound just like I do :)


    2. Bluenoser through and through...native Haligonian. I'm sure I'm hard to listen to by an upper Canadian :D


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