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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Corona Beer founder Antonino Fernandez makes entire village millionaires in his will

In August 2016, billionaire Antonino Fernandez died at age 98. In his will, he left his entire fortune to the folks who live in the village of Cerezales del Condado, where Mr. Fernandez had grown up in a large, very poor family. Each villager will receive about 2 million British pounds.

This incredibly generous gesture is certainly one way to be remembered.

Click here to read a news story from with  more details about the bequests and about how Mr. Fernandez went from rags to riches with Corona beer.

I like this story because it shows how a person can use his will to express himself and attain goals that are important to him. Mr. Fernandez must have felt real compassion for the people living in that village and wondered how he could make the best use of his fortune to help as many as possible. He gave his life's work great meaning by using it to ease the burdens of others.

If Mr. Fernandez hadn't left a will, we wouldn't now be talking about what a generous and great guy he was. His fortune would have been divided among his family members. The only way to make sure that wishes like this - whether it's to give $500 to the SPCA or to share billions among a village - are carried out after your death is to plan in advance and have a strong will made.

The attached photo of Mr. Fernandez accompanied the article in the Telegraph and is credited to ABC.ES.


  1. That is a great story. Almost a fantasy.



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