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Thursday, August 25, 2016

More interesting links added

I often spruce up the "Interesting Links" section of this blog, taking down anything that's outdated and adding new things I've found. Today I added links to:

  • probate forms for Nova Scotia 
  • probate forms for PEI
  • PEI Registry of Deeds
  • HeirSearch
  • Death certificates for all provinces and territories,and
  • a guide for determining whether a senior should give up driving.
Whenever you're searching for something, check out the links on that page, which are listed alphabetically. I'm always on the lookout for more forms, guides and other resources for executors, beneficiaries, and families.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lynne. Important discovery I just made re; new law in Ontario 2009!! TRANSMISSION BY PERSONAL REPRESENTATION-LAND. See article by Lori Duffy "Handle estate transfers of real property with care." Ontario created this law to 1: make on-line registry in the sale & transfer of title easier, faster & cheaper. 2. In the case of Estate sales often heirs are greedy (don't i know it) & stop estate property sale for decades but it clearly states that the solicitor for the executor must comply with legal requirements & not violate the rights of spousal ownership, rights to survivorship, rights to matrimonial home in family law ect. In the case of my mother - the lawyer was in violation as he failed to search title, there was no sale & all he did was contribute to making it easier for my brother to steal the properties & all its' income & cost mom her rights to own the matrimonial home ect. When I was in real estate we never had such a law, no executor could put their name on title but there certainly are valid reasons for such a law - providing the lawyer does search title first & make certain they are not contributing to helping an executor steal property & its' income & do not impede the rights of a spouse to survivorship, etc. which is exactly what happened in our case. I hope you can review this & put this so-called new law on your blog.


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