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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our fall seminar schedule is up

I love this cartoon, because it seems to me that this exact conversation must happen a lot. The topic of estate planning is brought up but not carried to its necessary conclusion. I get it; talking about dying can be upsetting or uncomfortable. But it sure is easier when you have the facts and information you need, isn't it? That's where I come in; I'm happy to help my customers arrange things so that the kids are not left with a mess to clean up.

To help get everyone into the spirit of planning and perhaps to light a fire under a few reluctant individuals, we have set up our fall seminar schedule. We'll be bringing back some of the customer favourites including Executor Boot Camp and the always-sold-out Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes. And for our customers who like to attend the entire series of seminars, we are adding a couple of new ones, namely Being a Beneficiary and Bulletproof Your Will.

All of these seminars are held at our office in small groups that encourage questions from the audience. Since we are in Newfoundland where people love to have a good time, the groups also seem to encourage a lot of tea-drinking, story-telling, and a heck of a lot of laughing.

To learn more about our upcoming seminars including content, cost, location, etc, check out our webpage or see the "seminars" tab at the top of this blog. The September Executor Boot Camp is already partially sold, so make sure you register as soon as you know which seminar(s) interest you. Register online if you wish, or if you prefer to speak with us, call Chelsea at 709-221-5511 or email her at

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