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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prince's Heirs: Star's sister says Prince died without a will

Pop star Prince passed away recently at the age of 57 years old. Now his sister has filed papers saying that Prince didn't have a will, but left a fortune of 300 million dollars. Apparently he did not leave a spouse or children. This is usually the point at which far-flung relatives of all sorts begin to emerge from the woodwork, though I haven't heard of them yet.

To read an article with more detail about this, click here.

Whenever someone dies without a will but has assets, even though the assets may not be $300 million, the courts will appoint someone to administer those assets. This can only happen if someone - a family member, a potential beneficiary, or even a creditor - comes forward and offers to do the job, as the court won't go looking for a candidate.

The question of who gets the assets depends on the law of where the deceased lived. In Canada, the laws governing intestacy (i.e. dying without a will) are provincial rather than federal.

It's really not that unusual for a person at age 57 not to have a will. Most people think of a will as something they'll do when they get older. However, as the story of Prince illustrates, we don't always get the chance to do the things we put off.

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