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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Top 10 gifts to give your wills & estates lawyer, 2015 edition

Every year I compile a list of great gifts you can give your favourite Wills and Estates lawyer. I do this because I know there are so many  people who want to give us stuff but just can't think of what would be appreciated. So, here is this year's Top Ten list.

10. Law-themed Christmas tree

This little tree would be great for your office, especially if you're too lazy to shop for ornaments and your assistant won't do it for you. The tree is 20" high and comes on a stand with lights already mounted, a 5" Lady of Justice for the tree top, 6 glass lawyer Santas, 6 wooden gavels, 6 glass law books, 6 metal scales of justice, a burgundy tree skirt and 30 ornament hooks. Nothing spreads seasonal joy like hanging law books.  Get it here.

9. Candle with "law library" scent

This candle's scent is called "Law Library". For those of us who went to law school long enough ago that all research was done with actual piles of actual books, it's either a nostalgic reminder or an instrument of torture. I haven't smelled this candle, and I'm sure it's lovely, but I recall the UBC law library had a distinct papery aroma with notes of coffee, sweat, and stinky sneakers. Get it here.

8. Justice and Jesters game

This is the game that lets you play with the Stars of the Legal System and the Jesters who would mock it. Join the fun with the Judge, Jury, Attorneys, Court Reporter and other Stars as they seek the most points toward “Truth” and “Justice” while battling the Jailbird and Jesters who thumb their nose at the law! Sounds perfect for those who just don't get enough of the law at work and want to impose it on everyone they know at home and at parties. Get it here.

7. Yellow legal pad scarf

If you're ever wrestling with drafting a tricky trust clause and inspiration hits you during your daily commute, you'll be glad you're wearing this pretty, yellow, legal pad scarf. Not only will your neck be cozy, but you'll have a handy place to jot notes. Get it here.

6. What's the billing code for making coffee? mug

This mug is the perfect way to say "Merry Christmas" and "get back to work" at the same time. Maybe give this to an articling student or a junior associate as a reminder that they had better be thinking about client files even as they refuel with coffee. Get it here.

5. Legalese cocktails recipe book

This book contains 40 recipes to help you drown your sorrows, Here's what the write-up for the book says: "The next time you’re out on a date with a lawyer impress him or her by ordering ... an Ordinary Reasonable Person. When you give them the recipe they will be delighted by your creativity and you will be known for being not only innovative but also scholarly." There you go. Innovative AND scholarly. What more could you want? Get it here.

4. World's okayest lawyer t-shirt

Lawyers are used to perfecting the language we use for documents and other forms of written communication. For those of you who extend that need for exactitude to your clothing, here is a t-shirt that tells it like it is. No need for hyperbole here. If you're ok, then be proud of it. Get it here

3. Probate lawyer parking sign

It's not that anyone doubts your importance to the firm, but this little sign in eye-catching red might just convey a little more status on your parking spot. Get it here.

2. Any more bright ideas? artwork

This delightful print will strike a chord with every lawyer who has ever seen his or her case slipping away. It's 16' x 16' and comes framed. Get it here.

1. Ashes of problem clients jar

I'm not suggesting anything. Just sayin'. Get it here.

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